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All you need to know

What is 'The Great Tesco Walk'?

A national walking challenge, unique to Tesco which starts from Land's End and finishes at John O Groats. It covers over 2,400km broken up into 51 ‘Legs’. Colleagues can join in for a Full Leg of approx. 50km, Half Leg of approx. 25km or a shorter Local Walk of between 5-12km. There are also exciting 'Ultra' and Night Legs in some areas!

What is a 'Leg'?

The 2,400km route has been broken down into 51 'Legs' of typically 40km - 50km distance each. There are longer legs (50+km) called 'Ultra Legs' and Night Legs on some days, and on many days we will organise 2 legs at a time to make sure the walk finishes in 31 days. You can sign up to walk a challenging 'Full Leg', a 'Half Leg' option on most days, or a 5-12km 'Local Walk' on many days - meaning that whatever your fitness level, or walking experience there's an option for you!

Why are we doing it?

We are in the third year of the Tesco National Charity Partnership so want to raise as much money as we can for Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation. Following on from our January and May colleague health months, this is a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to remake history, have fun taking little steps for a big cause and to maybe get a bit healthier on the way – all whilst raising money for our charity partners at the same time.

All colleagues across Tesco from stores, offices and distribution centres are invited to take part. The total number of spaces will be capped once each leg is full, so if you want to get involved you should register as soon as possible. 

When and where does it start and end?

The Great Tesco Walk starts on Tuesday 5th September at Land's End in Cornwall, and finishes at John O'Groats in the far north-east of Scotland on Thursday 5th October - with separate stages also in Wales and Northern Ireland. In total it covers 2,400 kilometres (1490 miles) over 31 days.

Who is organising the walk?

An events company called Action Challenge will manage The Great Tesco Walk. Each leg of the walk will be a self-sufficient mini ‘expedition’, accompanied by qualified mountain leaders & first aiders with support vehicles close by.

Is ‘The Great Tesco Walk’ taking place 24/7?

Most of the legs will take place during the day. Earliest start times will be around 7am and finish times around 5pm (although this is likely to vary depending on weather conditions, number of colleagues taking place etc). Some of the legs may take place late at night – this will be shown on the website when you register.

I have signed up, when will I find out more?

We will post a final event guide to the Participant Area of the website a few weeks before your Walk which will include information on location and timings, transport, parking and what to expect on the day!

Who can take part

How can I get involved if I can’t take part in the Legs?

We are currently working out logistics for the event and may have volunteer opportunities. We will confirm these details nearer to the launch date. 


If you can’t take part in The Great Tesco Walk, you can still get involved by supporting your colleagues through making a donation or taking part in the instore ‘Great Tesco Walk’ fundraiser.


You might also want to check out the UK challenges that are taking place during the course of 2017 like Swim 22, London to Brighton etc to raise money for the Tesco National Charity Partnership. Find out more here

Is taking part mandatory?

No, the event is not mandatory. We would like as many colleagues as possible to get involved and have fun doing the walk. 

How many people can do the walk from each store?

Before you register to take part you need to get approval to participate from your manager if you plan to do the walk in your working hours. If you want to complete the walk in your own time then there is no need to inform them.


Your store manager will make the decision about how many people can do the walk from his/her store on any given day, in order to make sure that our service to customers in not interrupted throughout the month. As a guide the numbers by day, by format are:  Extras 10, Superstores 10, Metros 2, Express 2, DCs 40, CFCs 10 and CECs 20.

Is my Tesco store involved?

The Great Tesco Walk incorporates as many Tesco stores as possible across the UK. Your store may be the starting point of a Leg, hosting a rest stop, or being passed on route. Find your region in the Route Section of the website where all stores the walk passes are listed in the Leg details or marked on the map. 

Is the route wheelchair accessible?

Due to the nature of the event and route, the trail consists of on and off road sections, along with trails and footpaths which are inaccessible for wheelchair users. We therefore recommend that if you would like to take part in a Leg but are unsure of what is possible – please speak to us and we can advise the best potential routes for you. 

Can I take part during working hours?

There are 2 ways in which you can take part in the walk:

-          In your own, non working time when it suits you

-          During your working hours (paid) with the prior agreement of your manager

During the walk

How will I find the way?

The route will be fully supported with walking guides helping you along the way and on some legs at key major junctions there will also be some signage to guide you.

What will I have to carry?

If you are walking a Full or Half Leg then you will need a backpack between 20-30 litre capacity to carry the recommended personal kit & equipment - including wet weather gear, warm clothing, water (1-2 litres), snacks, sun protection, personal first aid kit, and other items. Depending on the weather - even on a Local Walk you are advised to take a small backpack for your personal items and water.

Can I transfer my extra bag to the finish?

Walkers on Full and Half Legs can transfer their extra or overnight baggage to the Finish point for no extra cost. This is limited to 1 small bag per person of no more than 10kg. Please arrive at the Start in good time to organise this before your Leg begins.

Can I bring my dog on the walk?

No - unfortunately we do not allow dogs to take part in the challenge as we cannot cater for them along the route. We do however think dogs make for great training companions!

How do I get to and from the walk?

You’ll need to make suitable arrangements with family/friends or other colleagues to travel back home/to your store. As it’s likely that many colleagues will be taking part from the same store we suggest you plan car drop off or car share.

What sort of shoes should I wear?

We recommend that you wear the shoes or boots you have been training in - so your feet are as comfortable as possible on the walk. Some people choose to wear sturdy trainers or trail shoes, whilst other opt for ankle height walking boots to give more support. It is a personal preference and we recommend that you experiment when going for training walks to ensure on the day you will be as comfortable as possible. 

Can I run or jog?

No - ‘The Great Tesco Walk’  is a walking challenge - as we want all colleagues to participate as a team. It’s also not a race.

What breaks will there be along the way?

Water will be provided for everyone that takes part with healthy snacks for the 5km and 10km legs. A light lunch/evening meal (sandwiches etc) will be provided for the 25km and 50km legs.

What happens if I can't finish?

There will be back up support vehicles following the event if for whatever reason you need to pull out, however this is a challenge and you should prepare and train for your chosen distance so that you are confident in your ability to complete your chosen distance at approx. 4-5km per hour.


How do I register?

You can register on The Great Tesco Walk website from 16th May using your Tesco e mail or personal e mail address.  You will need your employee number which can be found on your Privilege card and your store number. You should get agreement from your store manager to take part if you are doing the walk during your working hours.

Is there a registration fee?

There is a non-refundable registration fee of £5 to take part in each leg payable online. This £5 will be donated to the Tesco Charity Partnership on your behalf and be deducted from your fundraising target.  

How can I cancel?

Please email to cancel your place and include the following details:

  •  Your name and registration ID (in registration confirmation email)

The £5 registration fee is non-refundable as it is a donation to the Tesco Charity Partnership.

Can I change legs once signed up?

To transfer onto a different walk or Leg, please email and include:

  • Your name and registration ID (in registration confirmation email)
  • New Leg number
  • New Walk type (Full, 1st Half, 2nd Half or Local Walk 1/2) 
  • Confirmation of approval from your store manager and their name - only if changing date

Remember there are different fundraising targets per distance: Full Leg - £350 / Half Leg - £200 / Local Walk 12km - £100 / Local Walk 5km - £50

Can I sign up to more than 1 Leg?

Yes you can sign up to more than 1 leg as long as you’ve had your managers sign off (for walks in paid time). You will need to pay the £5 registration for each leg that you wish to walk.

Will I receive a welcome pack?

Once you’ve signed up you will receive a registration e mail confirming your walk date(s) and location. It also includes a link to set up your Just Giving page. You’ll find training plans, kit lists, fundraising ideas and more on the Participant Area of the Great Tesco Walk website. We’ll send you your branded walk t shirt in August.

How long is registration open for?

Registration will be open for Full Legs until 3 weeks prior to that Region begins. Half Legs and Local Walks will be open until 2 weeks prior to the region starts.


How do I set up on JustGiving?

If you don't already have a JustGiving account you will need to create one, and then your fundraising page will sit under our The Great Tesco Walk JustGiving page - which will link all of the fundraising from the event together. Click this link to create your JustGiving account:

Set up your Just Giving page now >>

Is there any help or advice on fundraising?

Yes. The participant area of The Great Tesco Walk website will also give you lots of ideas and tips on how to fundraise. You can also find a fundraising pack, how to set up a JustGiving page and sponsorship form should you prefer not to fundraise online.

Is there a target for fundraising?

No, the more people who take part the more we hope to raise, we’d like as many colleagues as possible to get involved and have fun.

As a guide we’d suggest:

  • £50 5km Local Walk
  • £100 12km Local Walk
  • £200 Half Leg
  • £350 Full Leg

How does the donation at till work?

Customers will be able to make a donation at self service tills only. When they make the payment for their shopping they’ll be given the option of adding in a donation to the National Charity Partnership. 

Getting fit

Will there be training advice?

Yes, you’ll find this on the Participant Area of the Great Tesco Walk website along with training guides include milestones you should be aiming for in your training. Hints and tips on footcare, general fitness and the kit and equipment that you will need for your walk are also on the site.

What type of terrain will the route ential?

A mix, depending on which part of the country you walk. Most routes will include road, footpaths, hills etc. Nearer to the event date you’ll find more information on the website about the conditions for your leg and what to bring with you/wear.

What will happen if I can't finish the distance on the day?

There will be support vehicles at each leg to help anyone who becomes injured or can't complete the walk. If you need to cancel before the event you can do this through the website (please note that registration fees cannot be refunded). We would however ask that colleagues sign up to a leg distance that they know they can complete (or can complete with training prior to the event).